Types of Posts

Here is the list of types of posts I include on this blog.

Vedreditch Game of the Week

These are posts that highlight individual games on a weekly basis. These posts are not reviews, I typically gloss over faults of games here as I’m looking for raw ideas that I find exciting or interesting. A game of the week doesn’t even have to be “a good game” but they will be worth the time investment they ask of the player. Also of note, I tend to write these posts quickly and they shouldn’t be viewed as the best examples of my writing ability.

I try to feature games that are largely finished and less than a week old at time of writing to highlight lesser known designers and to avoid getting lost in the wealth of great projects on itch. This isn’t a hard and fast rule though. Here is the itch collection of all the games I’ve featured.

Comment Port

These are posts or essays I make on other websites that I then share here as well. This blog is a collection of my writing largely for my own sake and thus I like having as much of it as possible in one place. These are also not necessarily reviews but are more typical essays that can be broad or focused. I would say these are better examples of my writing ability but I could do better.